A syllabus is required for all new, regularized, and significantly revised courses. Please use the appropriate syllabus template based on course level.


*Reminder: All curriculum proposals must be submitted through the Curriculog system. Therefore, the majority of the program information is collected in the system. The following forms will still be relevant during the curriculum process for New York State Education Department (NYSED) and university catalog updates.

New Program “Toolkit” – New programs must first be approved through the Provost’s Office. When proposing a possible new program, please utilize the information in the toolkit to begin the approval process.

NYSED Applications

*Note: the NYSED webpage will also provide information and links regarding:

  • Registering a new program, certificate, or CAS
  • Proposing to change or adapt an existing registered program
  • Adding distance learning to a new or  existing program
  • Master Plan amendments
  • External Reviews

Proposals to register a program that prepares candidates for teacher/leader certification; register a program that prepares candidates for a professional license can be found here.

*REMINDER: Changes to an existing program must be submitted to NYSED in these instances:

  • Cumulative change from the Department’s last approval of the registered program that impacts one-third or more of the minimum credits required for the award
  • Changes in a program’s focus or design
  • Adding or eliminating an option or concentration
  • Eliminating a requirement for program completion (e.g., the elimination of an internship requirement)
  • Altering the liberal arts and science content in a way that changes the degree classification, as defined in Section 3.47(c)(1-4) of Regents Rules
  • Establishing a dual degree program (involving 2 degrees) based on existing registered programs
  • Program title
  • Program award
  • Mode of delivery (e.g., change to an accelerated format)
  • Format change (e.g., from full-time to part-time)


CATALOG TEMPLATES – Should be submitted with new and revised program proposals