New Program Toolkit

New Program Proposal Process Overview


This guide provides a “DIY” kit that allows schools and colleges to conduct an analysis of new program ideas before investing extensive faculty time and energy into the process of developing formal curriculum and other program components. Provost Wheatly has requested that all deans submit new program ideas (including minors and certificates) as pre-proposals before seeking approval from the Senate or the New York State Education Department. The pre-proposal process encourages the development of documentation meant to convince you, your department, your college, your dean, and the Provost that this program will enhance the university.


Quality The quality of the proposed program will manifest in the extent of student learning outcomes, student persistence support, employment outcomes, or other markers appropriate to the discipline.
Demand There will be sufficient student demand, in the form of student enrollments and/or student majors/minors, and sustenance or growth potential to warrant the proposed program.
Cost-Effectiveness The value of the proposed program to students and to the university will warrant the investment of resources required for the program to become and remain successful.
Centrality to Mission The proposed program will be deeply connected to our mission as a pre-eminent and inclusive student-focused research university as well as to the mission and strategic goals of the school/college.



Review the presentation entitled: “New Program Analysis Guide: Finding Useful Data & Making a Compelling Case.” The notes fields contain explanatory information about each slide.


Collect and assemble the required information for the “New Program Proposal Template” in conjunction with faculty, department chairs and others as necessary. Fill in the elements of the Word document entitled: “New Program Proposal Template.”


Complete the “New Program Pro Forma” financial analysis spreadsheet. This spreadsheet asks you to estimate enrollments and instructional capacity requirements for the first five years of operation.


Submit the “New Program Proposal Template” and the “New Program Pro Forma” to the Associate Provost’s office.

Toolkit Documents

*NOTE: If you require Microsoft Word or Excel version of any documentation, please contact Kelly Bogart in the Senate Curriculum Office at