Senate Committee on Curricula

  • DEADLINE for Curriculum Changes 2017-18 – Monday October 31, 2016

All curriculum proposals must be approved by the school/college committee before they can be sent to the University Senate Curriculum Office.

Senate Committee on Curricula 2017-18 Policy and Procedures for Curriculum Planning, Review and Approval [DRAFT]

IMPORTANT: Curriculum changes received by the Curriculum Office after October 31 will not be guaranteed placement on the committee’s agenda during the fall semester.

Proposals received after February 1, 2017 will not be scheduled on a Senate Curriculum Committee agenda until the following academic year.

Course Proposals

  • Without exception, use of the Course Syllabus Template (word) is mandatory for new and significantly revised course proposals.

Contact Information

For Courses, Undergraduate Programs and Dual 5-year programs:
University Senate Curriculum Office –

For Graduate Programs:
Gabrielle Chapman, Associate Dean, The Graduate School;; and

“The Committee on Curricula shall consider all requests of the various schools and colleges for curriculum changes, and recommend action on such changes to the Senate. This Committee may initiate suggestions to the several departments designed to improve their curricula, but it shall concern itself primarily with curricular matters affecting the University as a whole”.

(From the BYLAWS OF THE SENATE OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, ARTICLE V. STANDING COMMITTEES, Section 13, as amended during the 2011-12 session of the University Senate.)

Members – Senate Committee on Curricula