Senate Committee on Curricula


Course Proposals

  • New The Course Proposal Form (DOC) has been further revised for the academic year 2013-14. Specifically:
    • CONSULTATION: If the course content is similar to or may possibly overlap with any courses offered in your own or other SU schools/colleges or SUNY-ESF, then a consultation* with the department chairs of those academic units is required. A request for consultation across schools/colleges should be sent to the Academic Associate Dean of the affected unit. The Associate Dean should ensure that all chairs of departments that might be affected by the change have an opportunity to respond. In instances where no response is provided after two requests, the consultation will be referred to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs for resolution. *Please provide copies of e-mail consultations. The Course Proposal Form (DOC) has been revised for the academic year 2013-14. Please be sure to use the new form.
  • NewBeginning for the Fall 2014 semester use of the Course Syllabus Template (word) is mandatory for new and significantly revised course proposals. 
  • New NYSED has changed the forms and submission process for some types of program proposals. Check out the new information on the Proposing New Programs and Program Changes pages.
  • The revised Program Cover Sheet (.docx) must be attached to all proposals for new programs and program revisions. Do not use a program cover sheet dated prior to 06/17/12.
  • New Program Revision Checklist (.docx) is a handy guideline for use when assembling program revision proposals.
  • New Minor Catalog Template (.docx) to be used when submitting a new or revised minor.

“The Committee on Curricula shall study the curricula of the various schools and colleges, consider all requests for curriculum and course changes, and recommend action on such changes to the Senate. This Committee may initiate suggestions to the several departments designed to improve their curricula and courses, but it shall concern itself primarily with curricular matters affecting the University as a whole.

(From the BYLAWS OF THE SENATE OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, ARTICLE V. STANDING COMMITTEES, Section 13, as amended during the 2011-12 session of the University Senate.)

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