A grading option must be selected on the Course Proposal Form when a new course is created. The grading options shown below are available.

Option No.
Grades &/or Grade symbols that can be assigned*
A-F & V (Variable length, grade not due yet)
V is used for courses that do not follow the normal semester timeline. V indicates that normal progress is being made at the end-of-semester point.
RM (Remedial)
May only be assigned to remedial course, numbered 000-099
P/F (Pass/Fail)
Credit is earned with a P, but not with an F.
NR (Not Required)
Used when a grade will not be assigned, e.g., for dissertation.
P/F & V
See notes above.

*Note: Other grading symbols, such as NA (did not attend and did not withdraw) may be assigned to individual students in a class, in accordance with University grading policy, or as a result of a student’s actions, e.g., withdrawing (WD) from a class. Students may also have the option of electing a Pass/Fail grading option in some letter-graded courses, or a letter-grade option in some Pass/Fail-graded courses.

For additional information about grades, grading symbols, grading policy, etc., see