Filling Out the Course Proposal Form

An incomplete Course Proposal Form will be returned to the originating school/college for completion. Course proposal forms must be submitted as .pdf documents.

The Course Proposal Form is the standard form used to submit all course proposals. Course information sections are filled in differently depending on the type of proposal submitted; however for all types of proposals the fields pictured below on Side A of the form must  be completed:

Course Proposal Form - Approvals


  1. Complete Side A, Section II for New, Regularized and Revised course proposals.
  2. Side B Items 1-5:  Provide all the information requested.


(proposing a Selected Topics course as a permanent course offering.) Although the course has been offered previously as a selected topics it is not a change to an existing course. The course is treated as a new course proposal; however, unlike a new course you must complete both sections on Side A of the form:

  1. Side A Section I: Show the course as it has been offered as a Selected Topic, fill in all information except  “Catalog Description” (see example).
  2. Side A Section II: All fields must be completed
  3. Side B Items 1-5: Provide all the information requested.

Indicate the changes you want to make to the course in Section II as in the example below.



  1. Side A Section I: The course in its present form
  2. Side A Section II: Proceed to fill out only those fields that are being changed.
  3. The Rationale for the requested change(s) must be provided, See Side B, #1

It will be assumed that any fields left blank in Section II are intended to remain unchanged.

*When listing multiple pre/co-requisites be sure to separate each with the word and or or, not commas or semi-colons.

Course Proposal Form