Inactivating Courses

The effective date of inactivation, for courses that are dropped from the curriculum, is the fall semester of the following academic year.

For example: ART 502 is submitted for inactivation during the academic year 2011-12, effective fall 2012.

IMPORTANT! Once a course has been inactivated that particular subject and number combination cannot be used for five academic years.

Therefore, the earliest effective date that ART 502 could again be associated with a course is Fall 2017.


The request to inactivate a course is submitted in memo form, sent to YOU DO NOT NEED A COURSE PROPOSAL FORM.

  • List each course by subject, number and title;
  • If the course is cross-listed with other academic units, you must indicate that all academic units involved have been advised that the course is being removed from the curriculum;
  • In the case of double numbered or cross-listed courses, please indicate if the request applies to all of the courses in the cross-listing. Does one remain active or are they all being inactivated?
  • Indicate the appropriate school/college approval dates.

Please Note: The courses that are inactivated will not be listed in the University Online Course Catalog beginning the following academic year.

For example: ART 502 is inactivated effective fall 2012. The course will no longer appear in the Online Course Catalog beginning 2012-13.


If within five years of inactivating a course a department wishes to offer it again the request and approval process to reactivate a course is the same as inactivating (by memo).

Please Note* Reactivated courses must remain in its present form, i.e., a department cannot request that a course be reactivated and at the same time change it.