Submitting Course Proposals

  • PDF is the required file format for all curriculum course proposals.
  • Each proposal is submitted in its entirety as a single file. The course proposal form and the syllabus will not be accepted as separate files.
  • The PDF file should be a converted Word.docx and not scanned from the original Word document.

For organization purposes and uniformity you are required to name/label each course proposal file in lower case, by subject-number-type.file ext. Examples are as follows:

Course Regularization: the file name of a Selected Topics course, i.e., GEO 400, which is being made a permanent (regular) course, would be: geo-440-reg.pdf

New Course: the file name of a new course, i.e., AAS 413 would be: aas-413-new.pdf

Course Change: the file name of a course that is being changed, i.e., WGS 410 would be: wgs-410-chg.pdf


Send the proposal(s) by email to: Office of the Curriculum Coordinator

  • Include a cover memo with each email, listing all submissions attached
  • The subject line of the email should be:
    Curriculum Files: [Insert school/college]

Improperly identified email runs the risk of being deleted.

A hard copy of all proposals is no longer required.