School/College Consultation Contacts

School/College Contacts for Course/Program Consultations





Julia Czerniak, Assoc. Dean

Arts & Sciences

Gerry Greenberg, Sr. Assoc. Dean


Kathleen Hinchman, Assoc. Dean

Engineering & Computer Science

Can Isik, Sr. Assoc. Dean

Information Studies

Arthur P. Thomas, Assoc. Dean


Don Harter, Assoc. Dean (Grad.)

Amanda Nicholson, Assoc. Dean (Ugrad)


Mike Wasylenko, Sr. Assoc. Dean

Public Communications

Amy Falkner, Sr. Assoc. Dean

Sport & Human Dynamics

Eileen Lantier, Sr. Assoc. Dean

Visual and Performing Arts

Arthur Jensen, Sr. Assoc. Dean

Senate Committee on Curricula Academic Consultation Policy:

If the course content is similar to or may possibly overlap with any courses offered in your own or other SU schools/colleges, then a consultation* with the department chairs of those academic units is required. A request for consultation across schools/colleges should be sent to the Academic Associate Dean of the affected unit. The Associate Dean should ensure that all chairs of departments that might be affected by the change have an opportunity to respond. In instances where there is no response to the initial consultation request after two weeks, a second request should be made.  If there is no response to the second request after an additional week, the consultation will be referred to the Registrar or Curriculum Coordinator for resolution. *Please provide only the section of the e-mail consultation that either approves or raises a specific concern regarding the course. [See Side B, #2 of the Course Proposal Form]