Guidelines for Addressing Major Issues

The Senate Academic Affairs Committee approved “GUIDELINES FOR ADDRESSING MAJOR ISSUES that may lead to significant organizational changes such as the closure of a school or college or the merger of two or more schools or colleges” in Fall, 2003. In cases of potentially significant organizational and programmatic changes at the University, the Academic Affairs Committee is mandated to play an oversight role that includes providing advice and consultation (to the Vice Chancellor and Provost) and also conducting formal review of proposed changes for the purposes of submitting a recommendation on their approval to the Senate. The review conducted in 2002-2003 to close the Nursing School is a case in point. As a result of the procedural concerns raised in that case, the Academic Affairs Committee agreed to craft a set of guidelines that, in the words of the document, “state the Academic Affairs Committee’s general expectations for the consideration of such major issues and provide internal procedural guidance for the committee.”

Guidelines for Addressing Major Issues (pdf)