Senate Resolution on Appointments and Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

In February 2006, the Senate unanimously passed a motion brought by the Senate Academic Affairs Committee that recommends establishing a consistent system of appointments and ranks for non-tenure track faculty (including those titled “professor” and those with a range of other titles). The resolution also includes conditions for instituting and implementing such promotional ranks. Action on this recommendation awaits the decision of Chancellor Cantor and depends partly on its possible relationship to contract negotiations with the recently approved union for part-time faculty.

The files linked here provides the motion, including a chart that displays the proposed promotional ranks, and the Academic Affairs Committee’s report on the recommendation and its implementation. Questions and comments may be addressed to Larry Elin, Chair, Senate Academic Affairs Committee (

  1. Motion on Appointment and Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty
  2. Framework of Appointments and Ranks for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Chart)
  3. Report and Recommendation: Appointments and Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty