New Policy on Timing of Tenure Review

In November, 2005 the Senate passed a motion brought by the Academic Affairs Committee recommending changes in the University’s policy on the timing of tenure review.

The resolution includes the motion, incorporating the approved changes in the Faculty Manual, and the committee’s report and recommendations with an attached table. The policy was approved by the Chancellor and has gone into effect. It is being implemented by the Office of Academic Affairs and the deans of the schools and colleges. Questions on implementation should be addressed to the Office of Academic Affairs: or 315-443-2744.

  1. Motion: Policy on Timing of Tenure Review (A motion to approve changes in the language of the Faculty Manual to effect the recommended policy, as shown in the below accompanying chart)
  2. The committee’s report and recommendations
    Report: Improving Policy on Timing for Tenure Review
  3. TABLE 1: Types of Tenure-Track Faculty (Faculty data)
  4. Chart of Faculty Manual: Proposed Changes (a comparison chart comparing the current and proposed language of the Faculty Manual)

Report and Recommendation: Improving Policy on Timing of Tenure Review PDF Icon
(downloadable for printing)