Course Numbering

Courses which may be repeated for credit no longer need to have zero as the third digit. [Senate action, March 23, 2005]

  • Any changes to the number of times a course may be repeated or to the credit limits, as well as decisions to remove or add designations of repeatability, shall be submitted to the Senate Committee on Curricula as a course change.

[* see all-university course numbering for course numbering selected types of courses: Selected Topics, Experience Credit, Independent Study, International Courses, Honors Thesis, and School of Education Workshop courses]

The present system of numbering courses, approved by the Senate in October 1964, prescribes that all courses use three digits to indicate the course level, and a three-letter subject to indicate the department or college.

To implement the Senate’s directive, the following numbering guidelines may be used to indicate the level and type of course:

  • 000-099 Remedial and noncredit courses
  • 100-199 Freshman level courses
  • 200-299 Sophomore level courses
  • 300-499 Junior and Senior level courses
  • 500-599 Joint Undergraduate and Graduate level courses
    • All 500-level courses are defined as being joint undergraduate and graduate courses. Therefore, the course syllabus must provide a description of additional activities and grading policies for graduate students.
  • 600-699 First year Graduate level courses
  • 700-899 Second and third year Graduate level courses
  • 900-999 Readings, research and individual study courses at the Doctoral level


  • 998      Individualized study programs
  • 997      Master’s Thesis
  • 999      Dissertation

First Digit
The first digit indicates level.

Second Digit
Depending on the department’s curriculum structure, the second digit may indicate area of study.

Third Digit
The third digit indicates type of course. For example:

    • At the graduate level, the third digit 9 in the numbering series 600-899 indicates readings, research and individual study courses other than strictly doctoral level courses. Either master’s or doctoral candidates may take these courses. The series 900-999 is reserved solely for doctoral candidates, except for 997.

Individualized study programs will be numbered 998; Master’s Thesis 997; Dissertation 999.