Cross Listing and Double Numbering

The Senate Committee on Curricula must approve the permanent offering of two or more courses that will meet at the same time and in the same room. This policy covers all of the following conditions:

Crosslisting 2 or 3 different subjects, same or different course numbers, same title and catalog description. Requires approval once only. Maximum of 3 crosslisted courses.
Double Numbering Same subject, 2 different course numbers, at the same or different levels (U/G), same title and catalog description. Requires approval once only.
  • Crosslisted and double numbered courses that are permanently approved for meeting together must have the same title and description.
  • Courses offered at both graduate and undergraduate levels (double numbered i.e., ENG 450/650) must have appropriately distinct academic requirements (included in the syllabus), and their numbers must not have a differential of more than 300 (nor less than 200). The phrase “Additional work required of graduate students”, must be included in the course description.
  • A 500-level course cannot be crosslisted or double numbered with an undergraduate or graduate level course.
  • 500-level courses can be taken by both undergraduate and graduate students. However, courses must be taught at the graduate level for all students. There is no separate work or grading scale for the different student levels. Undergraduate students may choose which degree to use the 500-level course toward (undergraduate or graduate).

No courses may meet together permanently unless the Senate Committee on Curricula has authorized it to be entered into the PeopleSoft Course Catalog.