The policy on prerequisites [Senate approved 11/15/89] identifies the kind of restriction that the Senate will consider in its review of new and changed courses.

  • The Senate will be responsible only for course requisites (limited to three). All other kinds of requisites or restrictions will be managed by the department or college controlling particular classes for courses. Class restrictions may appear in MySlice Class Search and the Schedule of Classes pdf.
  • The requisites that the Senate legislates are limited to those fixed course pre- or corequisites that apply to all classes of a course and remain permanent requirements of the course.
  • Requisites are determined for courses by the department owning the courses.
  • Requisites should be assigned to courses where it has been determined that they are essential for success in a given course.

Course requisites for undergraduate courses (including 500 level courses) will be enforced on MySlice during registration.  The system will not allow matriculated students to register for a class if they do not meet the course requisite.  Students can obtain departmental permission to register for the blocked class.

Transfer and other credit will meet the course requisite.  The internal equivalency noted on the student’s transfer credit record must match the course requisite identically.  A record of “equivalent course” as transfer or other credit will not satisfy the course requisite.