Beginning Fall 2017, all curriculum proposals must be submitted through the new Curriculog system.

Curriculog is an electronic process for curriculum proposal submission, review and approval for schools and colleges that replaces the current system of paper forms and Blackboard. We expect the new system will streamline the work of all staff and faculty who interact with the Senate Curriculum Committee.

Curriculog provides faculty, departments, colleges and staff to:

  • Access, edit, and propose changes to the curriculum and the catalog in a web-based approval system
  • Track in real time the progress of proposals
  • Develop agendas and meet virtually (via voting and comment logging) or in-person to discuss proposals.
  • Maintain an accurate account of all course offerings and degree programs
  • Provide historical logging of comments and voting at each level of approval
  • Help users understand impacts of change for other courses and programs that may depend on other courses (prerequisites, required courses)
  • Integrates with Acalog (course catalogs) and People Soft in order to reduce duplication of effort and opportunity for manual entry errors when inputting approved changes into the external systems.

The system contains proposal forms to process the following for both undergraduate and graduate level curriculum:

  • Creating new courses or regularizing Selected Topics courses
  • Revising existing courses
  • Inactivating courses
  • Creating new programs, minors, certificates/CASs
  • Revising existing programs, minors, certificates/CASs
  • Revising program CIP codes [Federal program description codes]
  • Requesting the creation of new course subjects