Nomination Process

  1. Nominations are solicited from the University Community
  2. Nomination packets are due November 30th, 2018 (for the 2019-2021 commencements), and must include:
    • the Honorary Degree Nomination form (pdf)
    • statement explaining the basis for honoring the individual and referring to the selection criteria whenever possible;
    • vita (resume or biographical description);

    Supplemental materials which may include:

    • Additional information as appropriate (at least two letters of support, materials and writings that attest to the eminence of the candidate, etc.);
    • A letter from the college dean most appropriate to the nominated individual confirming that s/he is aware of and concurs with the nomination.
  3. Nomination packets are reviewed and discussed by the committee (if necessary, additional information can be requested from the nominator)
  4. The committee submits a final list of candidates to the University Senate at the October (for 2019, 2020, and 2021 commencements) Senate meeting
  5. The University Senate approves nominations and forwards them to the Chancellor
  6. The Chancellor invites candidates
    • Only candidates who are able to come to Syracuse to receive an Honorary Degree may have such a degree conferred.

NOTE: Candidates who have been approved, but are unable to come to Syracuse, may be deferred for one (1) year. After that time, the candidates can be re-nominated.
Updated September 28, 2018